The Victorian Reining Horse Association (VRHA) is a non profit organisation, established in 1991.  VRHA is dedicated in the promotion and support of the reining horse and providing members with the means of exhibiting and the eductation of the Reining horse. The VRHA relies soley on membership, fundraising and sponsorship to enable the Association to continually support the sport.
VRHA is grateful for the support and partnerships held with Sponsors. This valued sponsorship enables the VRHA to increase the sports exposure, whilst delivering publicity for the sponsor to a vast and varied audience. 
Thank you to our current sponsors. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you wish to partner with the VRHA.
Become a partner with the VRHA in this exhilarating equine sport
Gain access to a large, targeted audience and a means to reinforce your brand name.
Thanks to all our State Show Sponsors


AVAILABLE FOR 2017 /2018


Contact Mel Dennis

Email: vrhaslider@gmail.com

Ph: 0416 218 003